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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). We will try to answer here the most common questions visitors to the MotorCycleNudes website may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email us:


How do I join?
Simply apply using the form on the “Apply Here” page. Provide your full name, and include either your BN (British Naturism) membership number, or details of the naturist club you belong to, in the message (and no we don’t mean the Honda Owners Club!!) The application form details all the required information, and we do check!.


Why a BN number?
Because membership of British Naturism (BN) or a local club shows that you are a real naturist, and not a web-surfing voyeur and ensures that contributors remain within a naturist environment


What’s it cost?
Either Free or £5 depending on what level of membership you desire. Payment is by PayPal, and full details are available here.

Membership Options


Is it for road riders only?
Anything goes, even four wheels as long as it’s got handlebars and no roof.


Do I have to send in a picture?
Yes you do, and membership will not even be considered without one.
There's no need to be shy - see the “About Us” page or the word document above. It doesn't need to include your bike
but it must be nude - no exceptions!
By ensuring that all members are genuine naturists, your photos will only be seen by other like-minded individuals, and we do all we can to protect members photos and other material from casual surfers. Pictures go in the MemberZone and are strongly password protected, unless you give your permission to use it publicly. Have a look at the "Membership Options" document above for some examples of what is acceptable and what to avoid.

NOTE: This applies equally to overseas (non UK) members.

Please Note - The tumblr site that has stolen our name is a US blog completely unconnected with MotorCycleNudes.org. Find it yourself if you need to. Your pictures will NOT find their way onto that site, which only features models anyway.
The MotorCycle Nudes (note the gap!) SIG on the BN site was set up (by me!) as a complement to MotorCycleNudes.org,
but all events are organised and publicised through THIS website, not the BN SIG. Just so's you know.


Do I have to be a biker?
Well, preferably yes, but just interested will do, like the trainee biker below who hasn’t yet graduated to the full monty.
However, being a nudist is a pre-requisite - having a helmet is not.





While we try to cover all angles within this website, there are occasions when we need to expand a little.
If you do not find the answers to your questions here or elsewhere on the site, please contact us with your query.
The membership application form also includes a box for you to ask questions.

Be warned, though, that replies will not be instant, so please be patient.


You can also have a look at our public forum for more information or comment.